Trends of 2022/2023Kitchen trends 2022/2023

Kitchen trends 2022/2023

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetic beauty are the main requirements that modern kitchens meet. The design looks fresh, there are no hackneyed patterns in it. It is concise, but functional and carefully thought out. This is the kind of kitchen a modern person needs, who is constantly on the move and is not afraid of the new.

For those who want to update the interior, it will be interesting to find out what new kitchen trends are in 2022-2023. Designers find new ways to surprise, they improvise, combine different materials, and combine fashionable shades. Stylish, ergonomic furniture will help to properly equip the kitchen space. And creative decorative elements will complement the overall picture.

The design of the kitchen 2022-2023 allows you to combine metal, wood, plastic, glass, gypsum, and stone. You can take one of the materials as a basis, and add the rest to the interior. The main thing is to make sure that there are not too many accents.

Naturalness is trending, so wooden facades are relevant. Modern materials, finishes, decorative elements, and household appliances will make the kitchen design trendy. And the tree will fill the space with “living” energy.

If you complement the wooden set with metal details and decorative elements, the situation will change radically. Then comfort will be complemented by rigor and elegance.

Thanks to glass, kitchens become more airy, light, and refined. It makes the interior spacious and bright. You can buy a set with glass elements, install a picture window, and use glass decor.

But, probably, the main trend of modern kitchens in 2022-2023 is complex combinations of materials. You can use marble, granite (or their imitations), wood, brass, and copper accents. Glass and stone details will complement the composition.

In modern projects, designers combine wood with concrete, metal with marble, combine different types of stone, tiles with different ornaments, etc.

An excellent solution is a monolithic kitchen. This is a one-piece seamless construction made of one material, which is decorated with bright finishing materials.

To cover the floor, you can use carpet, laminate, or parquet. Tile or wood looks more original. The floor can become just a background or contrast with the headset.

Current kitchen design styles


The Loft style allows you to give the kitchen interior an atmosphere similar to an industrial, factory. It’s important not to forget about functionality and beauty in the interior, the design should not be depressing. The natural and original loft will appeal to lovers of experiments. It can be recognized by such characteristic techniques:

•  brickwork or rough wall decoration;

•  open communications (wires);

•  visible beams on the ceiling;

•  the use of natural materials (wood, metal, glass, stone), the absence of plastic;

•  furniture of unusual shape;

•  original decor.

High-tech style

Among the novelties of kitchen design, there are often examples of the high-tech style. If you like the cold restraint of futurism, pay attention to the strict and seasoned high-tech. To match it, you need to fill the space with smart appliances (fridge, stove, food processor, microwave, etc.), which are combined with each other by material, and color. Decor, wood, and decoration should be excluded or used at a minimum. Other features of the high-tech style: monolithic structures, shiny surfaces, glass, metal, and plastic elements, straight lines, contrasting colors, and lots of light (natural and artificial).

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is still popular. Its main characteristics are simplicity, practicality, the austerity of lines, and restrained elegance. The basis of the interior is light shades that combine with others. There should be a minimum of furniture in the kitchen space (it is functional), and built-in appliances, there is no decor or not much of it. Large windows, covered with roller blinds or blinds. Lighting fixtures are built into the ceiling or act as an accent.

The Scandinavian style is suitable for owners of small kitchens. It helps to visually enlarge the space.

Art Nouveau

Kitchen trends for 2022 – 2023 are often represented by Art Nouveau designs. It is practical, functional, and concise. It differs from others by contrasting colors, strict lines, and wooden furniture with metal, and glass details. Appliances are built into the headset, lamps — in the ceiling, or furniture. The surfaces can be glossy or matte.


People will continue to strive for nature, including in their apartments. Eco-style will not leave the list of popular trends for a long time, but, like minimalism, it has already become more of a concept than a set of stylistic markers.

The key idea of eco-design is the naturalness of all materials. The top contains wood or its eco-friendly analogs, which can be supplemented with artificial or natural stone, marble texture, and noble metals. There should be a lot of light in the room, the decor is only natural. Clay and ceramic tableware, textiles made of natural fabrics, and accessories made of wood, stone, bamboo, and other plant materials.

Visually, the eco-style can be close to Scandinavian interiors, minimalism, or boho — depending on personal tastes and the overall style of the apartment.

Trending colors for the kitchen in 2022–2023

Natural colors is another long-running trend that will not lose its popularity in the next few years. But the natural palette is diverse, and fashion within this spectrum is changing.

1. Sand dunes

The dark brown palette is replaced by lighter tones. The most popular choice is a combination of beige and light gray, which can be additionally diluted with a white base or, conversely, accents. It turns out an airy and light design with a curtsy towards the Scandinavian style. For inspiration, you can use photos of desert dunes and white sand.

2. Sage and olives

The natural palette cannot be imagined without green. This color in any manifestation immediately refreshes the interior and is perfect for the kitchen. In 2022–2023, the emphasis will be on muted and soothing, stable shades. So, for facades, the color of sage with gray (for a lighter color scheme) or a deep and warm tone of olive oil (for a darker one) is suitable. They can also be used as accents.

3. Variety of blue

Bright facades are gradually beginning to take away the palm from neutral monochrome compositions. In the near future, the peak of popularity of any variations of blue is expected: shades of the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, thunderclouds, indigo, the sky on a sunny day, pale blue.

4. Earthy shades

All kinds of soil colors still remain on top of trendy colors. Deep brown tones will be a good base for decoration in a modern, neoclassical, or classical style. Variations of gray are best complemented by a pronounced texture of stone or concrete. If you want to add comfort to the interior, pay attention to the warm tones: terracotta, ochre, clay, rust color, brick, and the color of the southern scorched earth.

Trendy kitchen lamps

New trends in kitchen design 2022–2023 have also affected lighting. Lamps made of unusual materials are popular, for example, plastic, acrylic, ceramics, fringe, and wood. They are suitable for Loft, Provence, and Eco styles. Devices of the same style are used from different materials or different types, but of the same color and decor. With their help, you can zone the kitchen space.

Lighting devices of original shapes and colors are relevant:

•  clusters of light bulbs;

•  plafonds of the usual shape, but bright or contrasting colors;

•  unusual configurations, for example, spiral, geometric shapes;

•  with original decor (ethnic patterns);

•  geometric shapes.

A new trend is lamps with a flowerbed. These are suspensions with live plants hanging from the ceiling.

Built-in lighting sources make the room more spacious and highlight separate zones. With LED lamps, you can illuminate the ceiling, and shelves of kitchen cabinets, create the illusion of floating furniture (when installing light sources on the floor) and emphasize the unusual decor or the shape of the headset.

With the help of portable lamps on brackets, the room is divided into functional zones. And if they are equipped with rotary mechanisms, then the light streams can be directed to the right place.

Stylish kitchen decor

The carved elements of the kitchen set are ideal for modern classics. They can be with or without gilding.

Roman blinds perfectly fit into the loft, Provence, Modern, Scandinavian style.

Accessories with imitation stone look very fashionable. You can complement the interior with marble boards for cutting products, coasters for hot dishes, and vases. Imitation marble is used in the design of tableware, cutlery, and household appliances.

The interior will perfectly complement the details of the golden color. Handles for headsets, frames for tables and chairs, faucets, and dishes are made of metal.

Soft half-seats (with or without armrests) fit perfectly into elite styles. And the velvet upholstery will add chic to the design.

The slate looks spectacular on the interior. You can write a recipe on it, leave an important reminder or a message to your family.

Trendy kitchen furniture

The fashion for combining the kitchen with the living room into a common space dictates the purchase of a kitchen island. It is part of the composition, looks spectacular, and allows you to save room space, as it is used as a dining table, work area, and storage system.

In small kitchens, a pull-out countertop will be especially relevant.

Another trend is drawers behind one facade. This design will look more modern. It looks especially stylish if it’s made of the same material as the countertop.

A bright trend of 2022–2023 is built—in cabinets with different types of upper cabinets. They may differ in color, depth, material, etc.

Trendy corner kitchens allow you to make the design more ergonomic and put in a lot of accessories. One of the most striking examples is a U—shaped set with a peninsula or a bar counter.

Three and four-color headsets have appeared relatively recently. Usually, two colors have a glossy or matte texture, the third imitates wood, concrete, or other material, and the fourth is a buffet.

With an open layout, side storage cabinets can be used. They are located in the entrance area.

It’s difficult to imagine a trendy interior without built-in household appliances. This option is the most convenient and relevant. But when choosing a set of appliances (fridge, oven, etc.), you need to order a set for it in advance.

We are happy to share our view on the trends for 2022/2023. More articles here, go and check.

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