Trends of 2022/2023Top Interior Design Trends of 2022/2023
Top Interior Design Trends

Top Interior Design Trends of 2022/2023

Let’s talk about the top interior design trends of 2022 and 2023. Today it is not necessary to follow the trend of all interior design solutions.

Originality a competent approach and the availability of resources in the arrangement of the house are appreciated. Interior design in 2022 brings new fashion trends and sweeps away stereotypes.

Colored Glass

Colored glass 2

Dishes, vases, sculptures, lampshades, coffee table bases, interior partitions — all this can be made of colored glass in 2022. Since the trend mainly concerns decor, it is very easy to integrate it into the interior.

The name of the new style comes from the French word “rocaille”, which can literally be translated as “pebble” or “stone fragment”.

Initially, this was the name of fancy stucco decorations using pebbles and shells, which could be seen on the walls of “grottoes” — pavilions of French palace parks.

The interiors of the pavilions were stylized as caves, here ladies and gentlemen hid from the heat on summer evenings.

Later, a stucco ornament resembling the shape of a curl of a seashell began to be called a rocaille. This element has become the main distinguishing feature of Rococo.

Rich Colors And Bright Patterns

Rich colors and bright patterns

The times when artlessness and simplicity prevailed are now replaced by a new luxury, dominated by pattern, color, and layering.

Color is everywhere: in the colorful drawings of home textiles, where orange, bright pink and mint green colors with a hint of sherbet predominate.

Klein blue is also at the peak of popularity, as are animal prints. And at the same time, there are many geometric cubist forms in the new collections, as if descended from the canvases of Braque and Cezanne.

The Return Of Rattan

The Return of Rattan

When talking about the top interior design trends of 2022\2023, we can see that the rattan craze is returning in new forms: consoles, lampshades, tables, and chairs are made of it — and models from this material are used by almost all major furniture manufacturers.

Traditional firms that have already been engaged in the production of wicker chairs and cafes before are rapidly updating and changing the style — this is achieved through the development of new types of weaving and the addition of bright colors.

Some colors the usual rattan with bright orange leather panels. And someone repeats the patterns from the reed, taken from museums.

Architectural Motifs

Top interior design trends 2022

When talking about interior design trends, the boundaries between art, the fashion industry, architecture, and interior design have always been blurred. The trend for architectural motifs, which has become popular this year, is another confirmation of this.

Arches, moldings, columns, statues, caryatids, and facades of city buildings appear on carpets, textiles, and wallpaper. Both hyperrealistic and conditional images are relevant.

Mixing Of Metals

Mixing of metals

Previously, we tried to ensure that fittings, fixtures, faucets, and other metal elements were presented in the same shade.

The designers decided to go the other way, and assume that mixing different metals in one space is not only possible but also fashionable.

The proximity of brass with nickel or copper with chrome in one interior today is no longer considered a bad thing, but on the contrary, is only welcome.

By mixing metals, it’s easy to place accents, add gloss to the interior and create interesting solutions. By the way, glossy and satin metals with a light glow effect cope with these tasks best of all.

Low Sofas

low modular sofas

Nostalgia for the 70s of the last century has not been able to let go of modern designers for a long time. This trend has generated many microtrends. One of the most interesting is the low modular sofas.

Some microtrends live for several seasons, others make their way to the hearts of consumers and stay with us for a long time, and some even become the starting point for macro trends.

But durability in fashion is not the main thing. The main thing is that trends lift your mood.

As for bathrooms, they have changed significantly: fresh trends in their design are aimed at creating an atmosphere of serenity and happiness.

We spend time here as in a home spa and continue to take care of the main thing — our own body and personal health. Let’s talk about the most popular bathroom interior trends of 2022.

Home Beauty Salon

Low sofas 2

Virtual meetings, which everyone is used to holding at home, have turned sinks and dressing tables into makeup racks and a place for hairdressing styling.

This demand for increased functionality in the field of cosmetic care at home is unlikely to disappear shortly.

Wallpaper In The Bathroom

Bathrooms, as well as kitchens, look less and less like technical rooms and more and more like living rooms.

In modern design projects in bathrooms, you can meet chandeliers, dining chairs, dressers, carpets, indoor plants, paintings, and wallpaper.

The latter may cause you to doubt and distrust. Wallpaper in a wet area definitely does not seem to be a long-lasting choice.

In fact, if the wall does not directly interact with water, you can safely glue coated wallpaper, which can survive a collision with small splashes and condensation.

Green And Terracotta

Green and terracotta

This trend is due to two factors at once: the return to fashion of wallpaper with new interesting patterns for bathroom decoration and the longing for travel.

This year, expect interiors decorated with wallpaper or shower curtains with the image of huge exotic leaves combined with warm earthy hand towels and bright red accents on the countertop.

This color combination is repeated in many varieties depending on the size of the bathroom.

Free-Standing Baths

Free-standing baths

The combination of organic and minimalist forms, which is demonstrated by the new freestanding baths, elegantly complements the current overall concept of the interior.

They balance the colorful and decorative details, which are becoming more and at the same time turn out to be a practical element: the enlarged bathroom space is now often designed for two and is characterized by increased comfort due to smooth lines and oval-shaped objects.

The More Bathrooms – The Better

Many families have revised their habits related to the use of bathrooms and realized that even if they can share a bathroom with their household, it does not mean that they want it.

Instead of upgrading existing bathrooms, this year people want to add new rooms wherever the architecture allows.

This may mean allocating a few square meters to get a dream bathroom or reformatting for a laundry bathroom in a country house.

Contrasting Large Print For Tiles

Contrasting large print for tiles

The design of the floor is able to completely create a mood in the bathroom.

Regardless of the area of the space, the floor covering sets the degree of comfort. The latest trends in floor coverings are associated with expressive tile prints and textured shades of earth.

From a practical point of view, the tile is easy to care for, but you need to pay attention to its anti-slip properties.

Water-resistant and dirt-repellent tiles will ensure safety: they will not have to be changed due to the birth of children or the residence of elderly family members.

You can check some examples of large print tiles in our portfolio here.

Additional Storage Space

Additional storage space

It is difficult to achieve minimalism in the bathroom, and there are just some things that you absolutely need to keep on hand.

This year, people have become more creative in finding elegant ways to hide cleaning products and other essentials in the bathroom.

Thin consoles, floating shelves, and corner storage systems are very popular.

In large rooms, there are bamboo tables with a trolley for magazines or care products. As always, mirrored first aid kits remain popular, as do storage spaces under the sink.

Multi-Layer Light

Multi-layer light

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches to your makeup or using this space as a place for zoom meetings, no bathroom is complete without thoughtful multi-level lighting.

Experts predict a renewed interest in complex lighting systems, which include both pendant lights that give a luxurious feeling, and built-in ones that provide brightness and the necessary tone of light.

Nowadays kitchens are gaining color, individuality, and a bright image — this is due to a significantly increased color scheme and a new palette of materials. Kitchens-living rooms are popular, whose image should correspond to the front room.

Deep Color & Glossy Finish

Deep color & Glossy finish

Decorators claim: white kitchens have gone out of fashion.

The brighter and deeper the color of the kitchen, the more interesting it looks. If you are not ready for radical experiments, stop at the usual shades, but choose a color a few tones stronger and richer.

Shades of green, various variants of herbal tones, reminiscent of sage, rosemary, lavender, saffron, and basil, sometimes even close to black — those fashionable solutions that are predicted to be relevant in the coming years.

If the color is complemented by an actual glossy finish, the whole kitchen looks like a jewelry box.

Forget About The Work Triangle

Over the past two years, when many began to work from home and learned to do without restaurants and cook on their own, the kitchen has acquired many additional functions.

It became both a conference room for zoom calls and a place where lessons are done — and other solutions were needed to organize the space.

As a result, the so-called kitchen triangle — the optimized working area between the stove, refrigerator, and sink is a thing of the past.

The scale and filling of kitchens continue to grow, because now, as a rule, everyone is passionate about a variety of cooking, and willingly experiments with new equipment.

Light As A Tool Of Well-Being

Simple Elegance Kitchen 2

Lighting technologies applied to the kitchen have long gone from utilitarian and rectilinear lighting of work surfaces.

Now the popularity of such an approach to light is growing, which would change our mood and well-being.

The complex integrated equipment that allows you to control the degree and intensity of illumination depending on the time of day is not only more consistent with our biorhythms, but also with new aesthetic canons.

Tile Geometry

Tile Geometry

This year, experts promise a fascination with contrasting geometry — and more often a large pattern is used for modest-scale kitchens, in order to distract from the small area of the room.

The combination of different patterns works in the kitchen in the same way as in textile fashion, sometimes achieving the repetition of successful combinations.

Texture Parade

Texture Parade

In the kitchen, we are waiting for the predominance of natural materials and rough-looking, seemingly untreated surfaces.

Designers offer to make textured aprons and countertops, and kitchen island floors out of wood.

The surfaces are covered with special compositions with fingerprint protection technology so that the interior remains elegant.

We are happy to share our view on the trends for 2022/2023. More articles here, go and check.

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