Trends of 2022/2023Top Living Room Trends 2022/2023
Top Living Room Trends 2022/2023

Top Living Room Trends 2022/2023

The living room is a place where the whole family gathers for leisure and communication. Guests are welcomed here, this room is the face of the house, and apartment, by which the tastes and preferences of the owners are judged. The interior should be comfortable and functional on the one hand, and aesthetically attractive on the other.

Design trends are a great plan to follow or just an exciting way to spice up the interior. They offer the inspiration you need to set up your home. Whether it’s rethinking the entire space with a trendy color or just updating upholstered furniture. Let’s take a look at the latest and hottest trends in the modern living room.


Eclectic will become a leader in the field of interior design in 2022-2023. Therefore, you will be able to use the most attractive features of different styles in your design.

Modern eclectic in the interior is a design that cannot be attributed to any one style. Therefore, each apartment in the eclectic style is one of a kind and radically different from the others.

An eclectic living room turns out to be really successful only if you correctly combine furniture and decor items of different colors and patterns.

Please note that all selected items must match in color. Also, if you decide to choose furniture in different styles, the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling should be as simple as possible and in light neutral tones.

Designer: Roberta Sarchi


Minimalism embodies conciseness and functionality. It conveys the idea with a minimum number of elements and involves the use of simple geometric shapes, neutral shades, and natural textures.

To make the minimalistic design more relevant, you can use modern fiberglass wallpaper. They are subject to repeated painting, so you can easily change them by spending just a couple of cans of paint.

The living room will become not only attractive but also cozier if you use convertible furniture, as well as multifunctional interior items.

Minimalism requires the use of an extremely limited color palette. However, a laconic fashionable living room can be made in aquamarine. Various shades of emerald are also suitable.

For a very spacious living room, an unusual solution is offered in the form of a complete wooden wall and floor decoration. They are glued with an array of wood or veneered panels of light and warm tones. At the same time, the walls smoothly “transition” into racks.

To contrast with this design, a snow-white floor is used, finished with ceramic tiles or natural stone.

Such a living room will become more alive if you decorate it with indoor plants placed on shelves. However, do not exaggerate their number.


It has been more than ten years since eco-style appeared in the field of interior design. Nevertheless, it is still relevant today. Also, previously it was chosen only by people, who cared about environmental problems.

However, today the living room is fashionable and prestigious. Many celebrities and people with progressive views on life decorate their homes in this style. What are the specific features of eco-interior? This question is quite easy to answer.

Designers suggest turning homes into mini-greenhouses. The wall in the living room, completely covered with ivy or other climbing plants, will look original.

Believe me, such live “wallpaper” in its beauty and uniqueness is many times superior to any, even the most expensive wall coverings.

By the way, if earlier the eco-interior took over the decoration of the premises mainly with natural wood, then the living room 2022/2023 impresses with bold combinations of natural stone of different types and varieties.

The so-called wild stone will look especially organically on it. It can be used for finishing the chimney or finishing the base of the walls.



The Scandinavian style in the interior is quite popular. It advantageously combines lightness and simplicity, comfort and freedom for imagination, originality, and at the same time relevance. High—quality natural materials, versatility, simplicity of forms, and delicate colors are the basis of the Scandinavian style in the interior. It is characterized by the use of laconic and elegant forms and structures that are made of multilayer wood.

Such a living room with “woven” wallpaper will look unusual. They are photographic images of canvas with large viscose. As an original addition to such a decoration of one of the walls, we can recommend the use of an original ceiling chandelier made with many spokes.

At the same time, the furniture should be extremely minimalistic and with a slight vintage touch. In particular, furniture for the living room, relevant in the 60s, is suitable.

So feel free to contact an elderly relative. Perhaps they still have a TV stand or a coffee table, which can be quickly restored.


The Japandi style in the interior combines the simplicity of Japanese interior design with the warmth of the famous Scandinavian style. It seems that both have a lot in common, which combines to create a new style, ideal for enthusiasts of minimalism.

The Japandi style achieves a perfect balance by borrowing authentic elements such as natural textures, low fit, thoughtful storage solutions, and neutral colors. The result is a cozy and attractive space that emphasizes functionality but does not compromise aesthetics.

The design of Japandi is the achievement of harmony between shades with a combination of well—known Japanese and Scandinavian color schemes. Authentic style includes a wide range of muted neutral tones with warm accents, creating a pleasant appearance and additional comfort. You can add off-white, beige, cream, and warm brown to create a sense of volume.

Visualizer: Marcin Figiel


The Loft style has been trending for more than 10 years, and this is no accident. The originality of the direction is that it combines interesting, contradictory at first glance textures and materials. A sofa with carved legs and velvet upholstery, a floor mirror in a gilded frame can stand against the background of concrete walls, exposed bricks, and open communications. Loft implies a common combined space with the allocation of separate zones.

In large living rooms, the loft style will look original. It is best if such a design is created in a brick building. However, unfortunately, this is not always possible. In such cases, textured wallpaper depicting brickwork under a layer of crumbling plaster will help.

A large sofa is an obligatory element of the loft-style living room. It can be upholstered in genuine leather or suede.

A variety of designer furniture will complement the interior. They must be made from parts of industrial equipment. For example, a coffee table with a large fan base in an aluminum case and a glass top will look unusual.

By the way, many companies offer a loft-style laminate with a pattern imitating an old board. Thanks to this, the living room will look as authentic as possible.


High-tech in the interior is an ode to technology and technology. In homes where this style dominates, screens, monitors, and sensors play, in addition to their main role, also aesthetic.

When creating this interior in the new season, special attention should be paid to the light, it should play a major role.

In particular, it is recommended to use it for zoning. This advice is for those who have a studio apartment or a kitchen combined with a living room.

Designers recommend creating unusual lighting for the bar, separating the work area from the recreation area. Also, these two zones can be separated by means of illumination of different colors.

The trend of the season is a ceiling made of metal mesh with a lot of built-in lamps. It will go well with the simplest wall decoration and bright ceramic tiles.

When it comes to furniture, tempered glass products are a perfect choice. They look almost weightless, and with their help, the living room will not look cluttered.


For those who think that the house is a reflection of the high social status of its owner, a neoclassical living room will be a good choice.

In the new season, the use of metal wallpaper with floral ornaments and furniture upholstered with unusual fabrics becomes relevant.

A great option is a mosaic floor made of natural stone with a carpet pattern.

Luxurious crystal chandeliers will complement the interior. Keep in mind that we are not talking about vintage ceiling lights. These should be fashionable chandeliers with very long flowing suspensions.

You can take a closer look at an example of this style in our portfolio:

Designer: Studio L

Mid-century modern

This style’s patterns are clear, simple geometry, noble–colored wood, light, smooth lines, and a soft, calm gamma.

Pieces of furniture are characterized by simple, but streamlined ergonomic shapes.

Mid-century is a master of softening lines and rounding corners. Console tables with “crane” legs, oval, and round tabletops.

The mid-century palette is warm and soothing. The background was most often a combination of mustard, sand, olive, ochre, and amber colors. They were diluted with bright, but not too saturated accents.

Oddly enough, mid-century is back in focus. Probably because such an interior breathes a sense of security, stability, and “world peace”.

In 2023, modern living rooms will be distinguished by a thoughtful atmosphere full of comfort and coziness. Soft tones of walls and furniture, soft upholstery, natural fabrics, and plant decorations will help to get them.

Mid-century modern
Designer: Marta Chrapka

We are happy to share our view on the trends for 2022/2023. More articles here, go and check.

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